50 ChatGPT Use Cases with Real-Life Examples in 2024

11 Support Chatbot Use Cases to Inspire a Better CX

Chatbot Use Cases

Some are used more often than others, for example, customer support bots. And each of the chatbot use cases depends, first and foremost, on your business needs. Web traffic is an important component of the paper’s advertising revenue and helps drive subscriptions to its online site.

  • As an additional bonus, chatbots provide a consistent sales experience across a wide range of channels.
  • But if the bot recognizes that the symptoms could mean something serious, they can encourage the patient to see a doctor for some check-ups.
  • Chatbots help users find and book travel options like flights and hotels through various messaging platforms.
  • The use of chatbots in customer service is instrumental, as they play a significant role in making a considerable impact on this essential business function.

If you have ever ordered anything online and waited impatiently for the product to arrive on time, then you know how important the delivery tracking feature is. Of course, users can do that elsewhere, but chatbots make the whole experience more interactive and fun. And customers really do use apps to contact the brand, in fact, 82% of respondents do that. Obviously, not all of them use native brands’ apps, some prefer social media applications to reach out to customer service (more on that in a moment). Some studies suggest that chatbots can handle up to 69% of conversations. While this number might seem impossible, it certainly shows that these tools can give you a hand in a day-to-day job.

Top 18 Chatbot Use Cases to Improve Your Business Performance

With bots becoming smarter, there will be new avenues where we can see more chatbot use cases for making the customer communication process seamless in startups as well as enterprises. FitBot is the way trainers communicate with clients, both onsite and remote coaching. As per research, the participants who used the chatbot were 26% more likely to meet or exceed personal fitness goals compared to participants that didn’t use the technology. The key data point for actionable feedback is to acquire discrete data via open-ended questions. You can also scale from 0 to 10, and you need both quantitative and qualitative data to make the right decisions. The feedback bot can be deployed where your customers are, be it on your website or mobile app.

10 Amazing Real-World Examples Of How Companies Are Using ChatGPT In 2023 – Forbes

10 Amazing Real-World Examples Of How Companies Are Using ChatGPT In 2023.

Posted: Tue, 30 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Today’s customers are smart shoppers and, therefore, like to be educated about the products they are buying. They want to know what varieties, sizes, and colors are in stock – plus any other information they can get their hands on. They expect fast responses otherwise they will move on to the next vendor. This makes it easier for the customer to digest and understand the sheer variety of products available to them. A company using this chatbot use case to great effect is Reply.io– a cold email automation tool.

Bots help to place online orders

Or maybe you just need a bot to let people know when will the customer support team be available next. This will minimize the shopper’s frustration and improve their satisfaction. In an era where businesses are continually adapting to the digital landscape, chatbots occupy a central role in redefining how we engage with technology and services. A chatbot is a software application or computer program designed to replicate human-like conversation with users.

Chatbot Use Cases

Dialpad’s contact center AI is designed to make supervisors and support agents more efficient, with omnichannel and self-service functionality. These questions are about things like rent/billing, service/maintenance, renovations, and more. This also includes inquiries from potential customers about viewings and property details. Many of these questions could be answered by directing customers to online information or application forms.

These bots should help increase user engagement and satisfaction with their timely answers. Thus, chatbots are important part of conversational commerce strategies of companies. We invite you to explore the ways chatbots are revolutionizing the retail landscape, creating a seamless shopping experience for customers while shaping the future of retail. In today’s digital era, chatbots have significantly impacted the banking industry, offering a myriad of innovative and convenient use cases that optimize operational efficiency.

Chatbot Use Cases

They are requesting better service across digital channels like chatbots, social media, and SMS messaging. By using chatbots to deflect high call volumes, your service levels will improve. Plus, your tenants will be happier because they can submit tickets 24/7—not just during business hours—and get automatic notifications when there are updates to their submissions. And now, thanks to automated rent reminders sent via two-way SMS and the ability to pay rent online, you’re also seeing more on-time payments. The chatbots will guide them to self-service solutions or direct them to submit service tickets and permission requests. If it’s a more complex question, the chatbot can also collect relevant and categorical information before directing them to the best agent for the job.

For example, it can pull information from more sources instantly, escalate to a live agent with all the contextual information intact. When you hear the word “chatbot”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Like many of us, pain and frustration could be your initial associations. But chatbots have actually come a long way—and I’ve pulled some of the best chatbot use cases to show just how varied and, dare I say, smart they can be. Churn prediction is one of the most important use cases for subscription based industries. Understanding the reasons for churn and making churn- reducing-offers are a good fit for conversational interfaces.

By asking relevant questions and collecting data at various touchpoints, these can tailor recommendations and solutions to meet the specific needs of potential customers. This personalized approach helps build stronger relationships and establishes trust and loyalty with prospective clients. For example, your chatbot project is much more likely to be successful if you start with the most common questions or the most time-consuming questions from customers.

Increased Sales

Then, they can schedule an appropriate time and date of the property tour; thereby scheduling process will be made smooth. You can use chatbots to address floor-related queries and distribution of workload on different floors. They can then provide insights for quality control and procedure optimization. Chatbots can handle reservation cancellations, guiding users through the process.

Chatbot Use Cases

Programs because of the perceived reliability and accuracy of the material. Systems have coursed through creative industries, given the technology’s ability to mimic natural language and generate sophisticated written responses to virtually any prompt. AI chatbots can assist teachers in preparing an overall student performance sheet based on all prior exams and assignments to monitor progress and identify students’ weak points. Automated results generation and honest feedback to students are two of the most important use cases of educational chatbots. Moreover, patients can use chatbots to learn more about their health issues and treatment options.

Chatbots are highly versatile tools that can be used in numerous ways to enhance the customer journey. It’s all about knowing where they best fit into your business and deploying them in the right context. Following its launch in 2017, Eugenia Kuyda, the co-founder of the company, claimed that 1.5 million people were waiting to interact with the bot. There are even cases where the user claims that their Replika fell in love when users check in regularly.

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Chatbot Use Cases

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