Launching of Recovery and Wellness Program for Person Who Used Drugs (PWUDs)

(PMSg Agustin T. Amualla, Jr. give advices to the participants related to illegal drugs)

On November 8, 2019 the Philippine National Police of Aleosan conducted a Recovery and Wellness Program for the drug surrenderees, a follow-through program under current administration`s, War-on-Drugs Campaign with the theme “LIGA AT PAGPAPAHUSAY NG MORAL PARA SA PAGBABAGO”.

Rationale: Basketball League will show the skills and strategies that the Person Who Used Drugs (PWUDs) and will now bring them all together and utilize them. It helps the PWUDs to learn about team work, leadership, and sportsmanship. This is a way to get PWUDs active in sports and detoxification from using illegal drugs, especially now that there`s an aggressive campaign getting everybody out of illegal drugs.

(Pastor Benito Campano gives guidance from the Holy Bible on how to battle the urge of taking illegal drugs again)

The PNP-Aleosan`s objective is to encourage, facilitate & enable the Person Who Used Drugs (PWUDs) to participate in sports specifically basketball. To promote camaraderie and teamwork among PWUDs and bring them back to the community to show that they are now renewed and not using illegal drugs.

The participants had been clustered into 6 groups, with the following barangay PWUDs:

  • Cluster 1 – Barangay Pagangan, Bagolibas & San Mateo
  • Cluster 2 – Barangay Malapang, Lower Mingading & Tomado
  • Cluster 3 – Barangay Upper Mingading, Katalicanan & Sta. Cruz
  • Cluster 4 – Barangay Palacat, Pentil & Lawili
  • Cluster 5 – Barangay New Panay & New Leon
  • Cluster 6 – Barangay Dualing, Dunguan & Tapodoc
(On November 9, 2019 started the basketball tournament held at Barangay San Mateo Covered Court)

The program will hold an 8-game basketball league every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 NN until November 29, 2019. The source of fund is from the Local Government Unit of Aleosan with the amount of P 20,000.00 for the whole duration of the said activity.