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10 Real-Life AI Marketing Use Cases and Examples

AI For Marketers: 10 Examples

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AI and Technological Sophistication in Luxury Companies California Management Review – University of California, Berkeley

AI and Technological Sophistication in Luxury Companies California Management Review.

Posted: Tue, 11 Jul 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Replacing old language in an unknown number of existing assets to reflect is a nightmare. Marketing teams are high-speed, detail oriented, resource-limited, and time-rushed operations. They can parallel the intensity of a restaurant’s back kitchen with twice the context-switching. Marketing leaders are constantly assessing whether a project’s scope can be achieved in the available time.

Key Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: Examples

Another way to improve your prompts is to keep them as simple and concise as you can. ChatGPT can handle big words, but complex syntax still sometimes confuses it. When possible, it’s best to phrase things as straightforwardly as possible, using as few clauses as you can.

  • By using AI, you can analyze vast amounts of data on user behavior and preferences to create highly targeted campaigns.
  • Transparent communication about the benefits of AI and training team members to cultivate acceptance and proficiency are necessary for a smooth implementation.
  • In these AI in Marketing examples, you learned how brands, even the biggest ones like Nutella, Volkswagen, Netflix, etc., are winning in their marketing strategies with artificial intelligence.
  • This is essential to gain a competitive advantage in markets where speed is of the essence and conditions can change at any time.
  • This automatically identifies relevant search results according to your keyword and provides insights on trends and characteristics that make them rank highly.

Volkswagen recognized that the ad agency they worked with offered personal perspectives about ad purchasing decisions. Therefore, marketers decided to choose AI to save costs by investing less in campaigns alongside increasing their sales. It has collaborated with Phrasee, which offers the benefits of optimization at scale and enterprise-grade controls. The luxury fashion retailer utilizes the tool for testing different phrases, words, styles, and tones to identify the language which matches the preferences of their audience. FARFETCH used this strategy for personalizing email marketing campaigns.

AI in video marketing

It’s the linchpin for enhancing brand recognition, cultivating robust customer engagement and driving revenue growth. ClickUp adds an extra layer of efficiency by introducing its AI tools. ClickUp AI can generate your email copy, including subject lines, headers, and body text, based on specific prompts or built-in templates. You can also use ClickUp AI to create tasks related to the email campaign. Additionally, select a solution that integrates with your existing email marketing program and work apps. Integrations facilitate workflow automation, boost team productivity, and enable seamless collaboration on email campaigns.

AI For Marketers: 10 Examples

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