How much the biggest companies grew in 2021

who is the richest company in the world

On a negative note, Alphabet is currently embroiled in two antitrust lawsuits. The U.S. Department of Justice claims that Alphabet made anti-competitive deals with multiple companies, including Apple and Mozilla, to make its search engine the default option in their browsers. Epic Games claims that Alphabet has an illegal monopoly over apps in its Google Play store. Apple built its success off sales of its wildly popular products, including the iPhone, MacBook, and AirPods. Next year, it plans to launch the Apple Vision Pro, a mixed-reality headset.

Saudi Arabian Oil, better known as Saudi Aramco, is a Saudi Arabia-based integrated oil and gas company. The company was founded as Standard Oil’s overseas operations and is today owned by the Saudi government. Microsoft also owns and operates LinkedIn, the popular social networking site for professionals and job seekers. It operates digital content stores, provides cloud and payment services, and recently launched AppleTV+, a streaming service for on-demand entertainment content.

#105 China State Construction Engineering

His fortune increased by an estimated $6.3 billion during November 2023 amid a nearly 5% jump in the price of Alphabet shares. Musk is CEO of electric car company Tesla, rocket firm SpaceX and social media company X, formerly known as Twitter. He owns 23% of Tesla between stock and options, but has pledged some of his stock as collateral for loans.

who is the richest company in the world

Good news for Ortega, who owns around 60% of the company and sits on its board alongside daughter Marta Ortega Perez, who has been non-executive chair since 2022. Gates’ fortune grew by an estimated $7.3 billion between November 1 and December 1, 2023, helped by an increase in the price of Microsoft shares. Here are the 10 richest people in the world as of December 1, 2023 at 12 a.m. Her net worth is derived from her holdings in L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics company. An engineer by training, Arnault first showed his business acumen while working for his father’s construction firm, Ferret-Savinel, taking charge of the company in 1971. He converted Ferret-Savinel to a real estate company named Férinel Inc. in 1979.

Mark Zuckerberg: $128 billion (+$24 billion)

Alling stocks, wounded unicorns and rising interest rates translated into a down year for the world’s wealthiest people. Globally, we counted 2,640 ten-figure fortunes, down from 2,668 last year. Altogether, the planet’s billionaires are now worth $12.2 trillion, a drop of $500 billion from $12.7 trillion in March 2022. Nearly half the list is poorer than a year ago, including Elon Musk, who falls from No. 1 to No. 2 after his pricey acquisition of Twitter helped sink Tesla




who is the richest company in the world

Arnault’s father made millions in the construction business; to get his start, Arnault used $15 million of that fortune to buy Christian Dior. As far as other Americans on the list, the Mars family’s confectionary collection of chocolate brands such as M&Ms, Milky Way and Snickers bars — not to mention pet products — land them in fourth place with $141.9 billion. And the Koch family, behind Koch Industries, is in sixth place with $127.3 billion. Microsoft is mainly developing, manufactures, licenses supports, and sells computer software. The total revenue of Microsoft was $143 Billion in 2023, and net income was $72.4 Billion US dollars. Being a Parent Company, Alphabet allowed Google to expand into domains outside of Internet search and advertising as well.

#151 Ricardo Salinas Pliego & family

The capabilities of the GPU are now being leveraged for use in AI and machine-learning applications. “Tech companies getting into the $1 trillion club is almost viewed like a cup of coffee in Silicon Valley now,” Dan Ives, a tech analyst at Wedbush Securities, tells CNBC Make It. “It’s not the mega event that it was just two or three years ago. It shows that Big Tech is in an unmatched position coming out of the pandemic.” We used the latest-12-months’ financial data available to us as of April 22, 2022 to calculate the metrics used for our ranking. It has branches listed on the website operating worldwide, allowing it to make a global-sized income.

  • Generative AI-driven demand for data center services has helped push up shares of Oracle, the software giant Ellison cofounded in 1977, by 26% this year.
  • Apple finished the year with a gargantuan $95 billion in profits—outperforming every other U.S. company on that front.
  • Google also offers a variety of electronic devices, including Pixel smartphones, computers, and tablets, Nest smart home devices, and the Stadia gaming platform.
  • While many people are interested in ranking companies by market value or market cap, the top companies by revenue differ somewhat.

Oil means big money, especially when you offer oil refining, production, exploration, and the import and export of chemicals. While the headquarters are in Beijing, this corporation operates internationally. As a result, they can claim that they are the most significant Chinese oil company by both volume and revenue.

Alphabet (+65%)

The founding family is worth $150.9 billion, as they still own a two-thirds majority in the company. Almost on every traffic signal, railway station, market places, daily numerous people buy Steve Jobs book and read it as well, Steve Jobs, famous as a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer era. He is the founder of Apple who is currently the most successful brand and one step ahead of technology. Microsoft is a software development company of America with headquarters in Washington, the company is one of the internationally popular companies founded in 1975 by Bill Gates. The headquarters of Tencent Seafront Towers is in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Tencent offers services like social networks, smartphones, mobile games, music, web portals, payment systems, e-commerce, Internet services, etc.

  • Today, Zuckerberg is the CEO and chair of Meta, which had 3 billion monthly active users as of Q2 2023.
  • They generally provide more safety and stability than smaller stocks since most of them are established companies with strong brands.
  • Volkswagen also manufactures and sells vehicles under other well-known names like Porsche, Audi, Ducati, and Lamborghini.
  • The year’s ten biggest gainers added a combined $490 billion to their wealth, through December 15, 2023, according to Forbes’ estimates.
  • He dropped to fourth richest but moved back to No. 3 on January 25, 2023 as the fortune of India’s Gautam Adani (formerly No. 3 richest) fell.

Apple remains the most valuable company in the world by roughly $400 billion. If there is gas and oil involved like it is with CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation), then there’s bound to be lots of money. CNPC’s primary offerings include oilfield services, energy development, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and gas and oil operations. They also operate PetroChina Company Limited, which offers general retail and crude oil explorations. The wealthiest companies bring in more money than most people can comprehend. Many individuals won’t even see a percentage of these profits in their bank accounts within their lifetimes.

He bought X, then known as Twitter, for $44 billion in October 2022 and owns an estimated 74% of the social media company, which is now worth less than half what he paid for it. The Al Nahyan family holds $45 billion more than the Walton family, which owns 46% of Walmart — the world’s largest retailer by revenue. The Waltons have ruled the rankings for the past several years, but are now No. 2, worth $259.7 billion in the most recent fiscal year. Saudi Aramco is the largest company in the world in terms of revenue, it is Saudi Arabian oil company that operates the world’s largest hydrocarbon single network. Saudi Aramco becomes the leader in the production of liquefied natural gas. Apple is a multinational technology company to develop and sell an electronic product.

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