The 13 Best Intercom Alternatives for Customer Support in 2023

How to Add Chat Widgets from Intercom and Zendesk and Other Platforms to Refined Sites

zendesk chat vs intercom

Comm100 Live Chat is platform to engage with your customers and website visitors. It offers pre-programmed messages to greet users and make them feel valued. It includes registered operators, unlimited chat capacity, reporting, analytics, chat history, and email notifications.

Intercom does not offer a native call center tool, so it cannot handle calls through a cloud-based phone system or calling app on its own. However, you can connect Intercom with over 40 compatible phone and video integrations. If you’re exploring popular chat support tools Zendesk and Intercom, you may be trying to understand which solution is right for you.

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There is a conversation routing bot, an operator bot, a lead qualification bot, and an article-suggesting bot, among others. It is also not too difficult to program your own bot rules using Intercon’s system. Your typical Zendesk review will often praise the platform’s simplicity and affordability, as well as its constant updates and rolling out of new features, like Zendesk Sunshine. For example, you can read in many Zendesk Sell reviews how adding sales tools benefits Zendesk Support users. Zendesk and Intercom are robust tools with a wide range of customer service and CRM features.

We have numerous customers that do this and benefit greatly from our out-of-the-box integration with Intercom. Our integration with Intercom enables bi-directional contact and case synchronization, so you can continue using Intercom as your front-end digital experience and use Zendesk for case management. Like so many others, Monese determined that Zendesk was the best solution to provide seamless, omnichannel support because of its scalability and reliability. Brian Kale, the head of customer success at Bank Novo, describes how Zendesk helped Bank Novo boost productivity and streamline service. Get ahead of issues before they happen with in-context, automated messages. Resolve complex issues more efficiently with tickets designed to keep the conversation going.

Intercom vs Zendesk: overall impression

Zendesk and Intercom are prominent players in the field of customer support and engagement platforms, each offering unique capabilities and advantages to address varying user requirements. When making your decision, consider factors such as your budget, the scale of your business, and your specific growth plans. Explore alternative options like ThriveDesk if you’re looking for a more budget-conscious solution that aligns with your customer support needs.

  • It’s where customers ask the questions that may result in the largest sales in your company’s history.
  • Note that any code you add here will apply the widget site-wide (see below if you only want the widget to appear on certain pages).
  • This is a pretty common request these days, specifically companies will say, “You know, hey, we wanna improve our onboarding flow after users sign up”.
  • As both platforms have their pros and cons, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your business.

Both Intercom and Zendesk provide you with their own Operator bot, which immediately suggests relevant material to clients via the chat widget. When it comes to creating an optimum knowledge base experience, both Intercom and Zendesk are excellent choices with similar capabilities for your needs. Also, their in-app messenger is worth a separate mention as it’s one of their distinctive tools (especially since Zendesk doesn’t really have one).

It’s modern, it’s smooth, it looks great and it has so many advanced features. I’m pretty sure it’s a benchmark for other chat widgets out there. But I don’t want to sell their chat tool short as it still has most of necessary features like shortcuts (saved responses), automated triggers and live chat analytics.

zendesk chat vs intercom

Zendesk’s help center tools should also come in handy for helping customers help themselves—something Zendesk claims eight out of 10 customers would rather do than contact support. To that end, you can import themes or apply your own custom themes to brand your help center the way you want it. From there, you can include FAQs, announcements, and article guides and then save them into pre-set lists for your customers to explore. You can even moderate user content to leverage your customer community. I wanted a simple multi-user solution for my CS team that DID NOT involve a complex ticketing system like Zendesk and had a suite of essential team features. Enchant has one plan ($15 / user / month) with everything included.

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Comm100 Live Chat Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing – 2023 – Software Advice

Comm100 Live Chat Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing – 2023.

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