Ultimate Web Development terms and Glossary for 2023

The operational techniques and procedures used to achieve quality requirements. A requirement that imposes conditions on a functional requirement; e.g., a requirement that specifies the speed, accuracy, or memory usage with which a given function must be performed. A character string that enables a user to have full or limited access to a system or to a set of data. In object oriented programming, A self contained module of data and the programs that manipulate that data.

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Causes include infections of the digestive system, medicines such as antibiotics, malabsorption, and irritable bowel syndrome. JavaScript is required to buy this product.Enable JavaScript in your browser settings and refresh this page to continue. Application ExperienceOptimized application delivery, security, and visibility for critical infrastructure. Real solutions for your organization and end users built with best of breed offerings, configured to be flexible and scalable with you. A cabinet-level federal agency dedicated to small business.

To prove to be true by demonstration. Validation conducted prior to the distribution of either a new product, or product made under a revised manufacturing process, where the revisions may affect the product’s characteristics. Determining what parts of a program are being executed the most. A tool that instruments a program to obtain execution frequencies of statements is a tool with this feature. Pertaining to a device that allows a user to interact with a computer system by touching an area on the surface of the device with a finger, pencil, or other object, e.g., a touch sensitive keypad or screen. A testing methodology in which two or more program mutations are executed using the same test cases to evaluate the ability of the test cases to detect differences in the mutations.

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Term describing simultaneous transmission of the bits making up a character, usually eight bits . An exception that occurs when the result of an arithmetic operation exceeds the size of the storage location designated to receive it. A database organization method that allows for data relationships in a net-like form. A single data element can point to multiple data elements and can itself be pointed to by other data elements. Contrast with relational database. A device which takes information from any of several sources and places it on a single line or sends it to a single destination.

Change Management is the process for enabling change within an organization by using structured approaches to shift individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a future state. It is considered an organizational capability in ATD’s Capability Model. Blended Learning is the practice of using several media in one curriculum. It refers to the combination of formal and informal learning events, such as classroom instruction, online resources, and on-the-job coaching. Appreciative Inquiry Theory is an approach to large-scale organizational change that involves the analysis of positive and successful operations.

development glossary

Cognition is the mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through the five senses, thought, and experience. The word dates back to the 15th century, meaning thinking and awareness. Bloom’s Taxonomy developed by Benjamin Bloom, is a hierarchical model used to classify learning into three outcomes or domains—cognitive , psychomotor , and affective —referred to as KSAs. The domain categories use verbs to define behavior in a hierarchical relationship that becomes progressively more complex and difficult to achieve.

An unprogrammed PROM has all links closed establishing a known state of each bit. Programming the chip consists of sending an electrical current of a specified size through each link which is to be changed to the alternate state. This causes the “fuse to blow”, opening that link. A specification language with special constructs and, sometimes, verification protocols, used to develop, analyze, and document a program design. Million instructions per second. Execution speed of a computer.

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The program you use to create and maintain your website’s content. A commonly used CMS is WordPress. Program used to access the Internet and display web pages.

development glossary

Digital-to-analog converter. Output related devices which translate a computer’s digital outputs to the corresponding analog signals needed by an output device such as an actuator. Contrast with ADC [Analog-to-Digital Converter]. Pertaining to data in the form of discrete [separate/pulse form] integral values.

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It typically starts with a red rash, vomiting, and confusion that follows a viral infection. This can lead into seizures, coma, and breathing problems. The cause of Reye syndrome is not known although a variety of factors are thought to be involved, such as genetics or the use of aspirin during a viral illness. Reading disorder – a learning disorder characterized by reading abilities below the expected level for her/his age, school grade, and intelligence. Premenstrual syndrome – a group of physical and emotional symptoms that some women experience during their menstrual cycle. Although the symptoms usually cease with onset of the menstrual period, in some women, symptoms may last through and after their menstrual periods.

An algorithm is basically a set of steps for carrying out certain tasks. In computer programming, algorithms are a key part of problem-solving. When creating an algorithm, developers will development glossary document all the necessary steps it took to arrive at a solution to a problem, and what each step involved. A is for agile, a major buzzword across the entire tech industry right now.

This is a determination of whether or not certain processing conditions use more storage than estimated. Executing the program with all possible combinations of values for program variables. Feasible only for small, simple programs. The structural or grammatical rules that define how symbols in a language are to be combined to form words, phrases, expressions, and other allowable constructs. Software that aids in the development and maintenance of other software; e.g., compilers, loaders, and other utilities.

Special Assessment Districts…areas designated by a taxing authority to be assessed for tax purposes on a scale that differs from the rest of the taxed jurisdiction. Property in these districts may be taxed differently all together. They may be required to pay special taxes more reflective of the greater bene-fit earned by some public expenditure in the district.

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Growth mindset is a concept developed by Carol Dweck in which people believe they are in control of their abilities and can learn, improve, and develop them. Executive Coach provides a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment in which to offer support for senior managers or leaders within an organization. Distance learning is an educational delivery in which the instructor and students are separated by time, location, or both. Distance learning can be synchronous or asynchronous. Delivery is any method of transferring content to learners, including instructor-led training, virtual training, CD-ROMs, and books. Data collection is the act of gathering of all facts, figures, statistics, and other information for analyses and assessments; examples of data-collection methods or tools include questionnaires, interviews, and observations.

  • In an agile team, web developers will work according to weekly or biweekly sprints.
  • Smart Growth…the efficient use of all available assets.
  • 501…approval given by the Internal Revenue Service granting exemption from federal income tax to a business league, under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Storage solution for unstructured data.
  • Another difference between RAM and ROM is that RAM is volatile, i.e. it must have a constant supply of power or the stored data will be lost.
  • Chips which can be called read/write memory, since the data stored in them may be read or new data may be written into any memory address on these chips.

Customized Training…learning designed to meet the needs of a given employer; used by local gov-ernments to attract or retain major employers. Community Development Venture Capital… capital made available through funds created by local communities for the purpose of making venture capital accessible to entrepreneurs in low-income ar-eas. It’s important to distinguish between mobile apps and web apps, as they are built differently. Native mobile apps are built for a specific platform, such as iOS for iPhone, and are installed and run on the device itself. Web apps, on the other hand, are accessed via the internet browser and will adapt to whichever device you’re viewing them. They’re not native to a specific system, nor do they need to be downloaded or installed.


It describes what the system or component is to do rather than how it is to be built. Project planning documents; i.e., software development plans, and software verification and validation plans. The process of estimating the amount https://globalcloudteam.com/ of computer storage or the number of source lines required for a software system or component. A high speed computer in a network that is shared by multiple users. It holds the programs and data that are shared by all users.

Sitefinity Cloud was designed to reduce the overhead and upfront investment into enterprise-grade infrastructure. Coaching is a widely used term with multiple definitions. CDC … organizations, typically non-profit 501 s, which can obtain federal and private support. They are governed by local residents, businesses, and community leaders through a board of directors that is in most cases elected from the CDC membership or the community.

It’s especially valuable in for training learners in dangerous or hard to replicate situations, such as emergencies or heavy equipment simulations. Talent Development refers to the efforts that foster learning and employee development to drive organizational performance, productivity, and results. Strategic planning is the process an organization uses to identify its direction for the future. No single process exists, but it usually includes envisioning the future, defining goals and objectives, aligning structure and resources, and implementing the plan. Project Management is the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of resources for a finite period of time to complete specific goals and objectives.

When bonds are fully paid, the jurisdiction can begin to receive the additional tax revenue produced by the development. Smart Growth…the efficient use of all available assets. According to the American Planning Association, smart growth involves efficient land use; full use of urban services; mixed use; mass transportation options; and detailed, human-scaled design. Just-in-Time Inventorying…cost-saving approach by a manufacturer that involves maintaining no inventory of product inputs on-site; instead the inputs are delivered from the supplier at the time they are needed in the production process. Incubator-Without-Walls…form of business incubation that does not take place in a single building, but instead comprises a network of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship service providers throughout a community or region. Impact Fees…fees are required to cover costs of improving and/or building infrastructure needed as a result of the expected impact of development project on those facilities.

A number, character, or group of characters which identifies a given device or a storage location which may contain a piece of data or a program step. To refer to a device or storage location by an identifying number, character, or group of characters. The time interval between the instant at which a call for data is initiated and the instant at which the delivery of the data is completed. Add development to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

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Sustainable development helps ensure a better, healthier living environment and contributes to an area’s quality of life, one of the main goals of economic development. Location Theory of Development…explanation of economic development that emphasizes factors such as transportation, access to raw materials and labor, taxes, business climate, and quality of life as they relate to industrial location. The program creates incentives for localities to develop their own approaches to alleviate poverty. All federally designated zones are areas of pervasive poverty, unemployment, and general distress.

Often part of a requirements specification. A high-level programming language designed to encourage structured programming practices. Examines software elements that are not designated safety-critical and ensures that these elements do not cause a hazard. Examines portions of the code that are not considered safety-critical code to ensure they do not cause hazards.


A process or meeting during which a system, hardware, or software design is presented to project personnel, managers, users, customers, or other interested parties for comment or approval. Types include critical design review, preliminary design review, system design review. Evaluation of the description and intended use of each data item in the software design to ensure the structure and intended use will not result in a hazard. Data structures are assessed for data dependencies that circumvent isolation, partitioning, data aliasing, and fault containment issues affecting safety, and the control or mitigation of hazards. Evaluation of the data structure and usage in the code to ensure each is defined and used properly by the program.

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