Vision & Mission


“Aleosan as a Municipality with God-loving, holistically capable and responsible people who live consciously in a clean, green, balance, attractive and safe environment with diversified economy which is globally competitive under a transparent, accountable, consultative and participative leadership.”


“The Municipal Government of Aleosan shall initiate people’s participation in promoting programs, projects and activities which will make the community economically balanced with God-centered and morally upright citizens.”


  1. Effective and efficient delivery of basic social services resulting to empowered communities
  2. To increase production available, affordable for global competitiveness.
  3. Municipality of equitable landownership units through empowered Agrarian reform beneficiaries who are opportunity driven managing their economic and social development for a better quality of life.
  4. To build an enabling environment for business to grow and for consumers to get best value for money and improved quality of entrepreneurs and laborers to deliver better, faster, and more efficient services.
  5. An Industrialized Municipality to accommodate excess in the supply of Agricultural products in partnership with private sector / institutions to develop globally excellent enterprises and an attractive investment climate.
  6. A well developed tourism industry capable of generating income for the municipality.
  7. Provision of all weather farm-to-market roads. Improved drainage system in the municipality.
  8. Lessen traffic congestion.
  9. Full energization all nineteen barangays in the municipality.
  10. Provision of potable water supply to every household
  11. Provision of an efficient communication service in the municipality.